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How to lead a simpler life?

How Green Was My Valley - Richard Llewellyn

A beautiful story set in a small Welsh town. It was one of the best books that I've come across in many ages. Beautifully described, its surely going to take your breath away. Usage of too many poetic phrases, will surely make you fall in love with the book from the first page itself. And I so want to go to that wonderful little town, and live my life in a carefree and simple way. Every line of this books depicts a message which is sometimes quite emotional as well as inspirational. And it's a classic must read for everyone. I'm certainly going to read this quite a number of times.

A thrilling roller-coaster ride in the tinsel town...

Thrill - Jackie Collins

Oh wow, it was one hell of a "THRILL" ride from L.A.'s fast lanes, studios and beach houses to it's darkest alleys, behind-the-bedroom-door dramas. This book gives you an insight of all the hot and happening, juicy tidbits and gossips of the tinsel town. From first page of the book, I totally got hooked, yeah Thrill will get you hooked from it's first page.

This novel is about Lara Ivory, a 'very' beautiful, A-class Holly actress falling for an 'incredibly' hot, junior actor, Joey Lorenzo, and hence all hell broke loose in Lara's life because of this. This novel is also about another character, Summer, Nikki's(Lara's Bff) wild child from her first husband Sheldon. Summer, who lives with her father in Chicago, comes to L.A. to spend her vacation with her mom. Summer is a victim of her father's sexual abuse. Hence after finding freedom in L.A., Summer gets on roll, from wild parties, drugs, alcohols to even escorting high-class actors in their hotels. And incase of Lara, she almost got murdered because of her stalker's hatred and her ex- husband, Richard Barry's obsession with her.

This novel is an eye-opener, it let's you see-through the lives of every actors and directors, even not-to-forget, there's a lot of usage of examples of real-life actors and their dramas. Each and every character has something to hide in their past, everybody's past was like very distasteful, not worth remembering.

This is the first JC novel that I read, and I'm already a fan. I never wanted this book to finish, it was so amazing,thrilling and very, very hot, an unputdownable of course. Reading this novel will make you want more,and I'm already yearning for more JC books. Her writing is so very flawless and detailed. The shocking twists and turns are definately going to keep you on your edges. Yeah it's not an intellectual kind, but yeah surely a light-read page turner filled suspense in it's every pages. A must-read for everyone.


Reading can be so exotic some times....


Bookends are for those who don't own much books, or read a lot, just to show us off, not to make themselves look weird to the world. Seriously bookends are for silly people.


Mine is too messy, need to organize this way. It looks way too cool.

That's what happening to me right now!!
That's what happening to me right now!!

My bed too looks the same. My room's full of books.

An Exciting Mystery!

Keeper of the Bride - Tess Gerritsen

An exciting and thrilling tale about a left-at-the-alter-bride, Nina and an introvert- Detective, Sam. Nina is on the hit-list of a mad guy, who wants Nina dead. The sizzling chemistry between Nina and Sam is very enthralling. Well this was the first novel of Tess Gerritsen that I read, I liked it a lot. The mystery keeps you hooked on to its pages, truly a gripping tale. The author's writing was also very flawless and easily understandable, makes you feel like everything happening in front of your face. The twists and turns will definitely keep you on your edges. A must-read for every mystery-lovers.

Born With Super Powers!!

Performance Anomalies - Victor Robert Lee

Wow. I really liked the book a lot..mainly because of Cono. he is a superhero. "A friend in need is a friend indeed.".. and I guess Cono aptly justifies this above mentioned line.. he can do whatever, go anywhere and do anything to save his friends. well I somehow wanted Cono to honor Xiao Li by accepting his son.. but at last I realized Cono did the right thing..after all there was no proof and he is such an independent soul..Anyways this book was wonderfully written.. and thank you Victor Robert Lee.. I learned a lot about Kazakhstan. I've recommended this book to all my friends.

Shadows can make you fall in love.

Tall Man Small Shadow - Vipin Behari Goyal

wow..it is an amazing story..its not actually a series of events..instead feelings of 5 different human beings mentioned..the way the author has mentioned their emotions..actually creates a beautiful love story of 3 different persons..whose lives are entwined in a very beautiful way!!..yes..full of coincidences..being a software engineer..i really loved the character of Salil and his ambitious attitude..and of course who can forget Anupam!!this story will make you pause for a moment and make you wonder that life is indeed very beautiful..yes because through this story the author has taught us that life is very precious and it can be lead in a very beautiful manner by respecting the value of life!! the story is told in a very impressive manner..full of beautiful phrases!!..and the ease and clarity with which the author explains difficult situations and issues of life is really very very impressive!..
Finally recommended to all my friends!!

Quest to Find Your Inner Self!

Maya In search of Tantric father - Vipin Behari Goyal

Yes, it was truly an amazing and fulfilling journey of an American girl who came to India to search her father who's a Tantric man. In her journey, she figures out that she needs to find herself and her soul to attain enlightenment and completeness. Also it was very very enriching book as it contains so many eye-opening facts about spirituality and mysticism, that one time you'll find yourself losing into its richness. Also this book is thoroughly inspiring and motivational in every possible ways. Also this book tell us how not to run for material happiness, instead to learn to find oneself. Great work is done by the author Vipin Behari Goyal. I've read his previous book too "Tall man, Small Shadow"..which was also as exciting and fulfilling as this new book. In this 21st century this book is a must read for everyone.

Technology over Doctors..it's called "i-Doc"

Cell - Robin Cook

Wow another master thriller. Its really great because of the cutting edge technology used in this novel. What to say! It was as usual another gripping tale which will take you to the edge of modern technology, and make you realize how a simple technology can change your lives.

A Hot Adventure!!

Relentless - HelenKay Dimon

This is the first book of the Corcoran series, that I read. Even though it's my first time to read any Helen Kay Dimon authored book, I loved it with all my heart. I got this book in a Good reads giveaway. Upon receiving the book, I thought that this would be some kind of sizzling boy-saving-girl from bad guys kinda book. But I was proved wrong, although it was a boy-saving-girl kind of book, but the story was super-thrilling!! It totally blew my mind, and this book made me a complete Helen Kay Dimon's fan. now I'm ordering her other books of this series. Every scenes, every details, every adventures, every cold-blooded killings, left me speechless. I never thought this boy-saving-girl type of books can be so much interesting and gripping! Oh wow! not to forget, Ben and Jocelyn's hot brewing chemistry in every pages, which really left me wanting more to happen between this couple!I'm really a big fan of Ben's character, of how he puts his life at risk to save Jocelyn, even though he knew so little about her. His trust, his guts, his heroic skills, and not to forget, his hot looks, everything makes me fall for him. Even Jocelyn wasn't like all those girly characters, she is strong, brave, and of course she can stand up for herself, but it was because of Ben that the whole Corcoran team cocooned her as a protective shield! In a nutshell, this book, will keep you on your edges, and make you want more! Go ahead, get a slice of this hot adventure in your life!!

The Legend Continues....

The Road to Rebirth: Book Two of The Children of Telm - Dean F. Wilson

This is the sequeal to the The Childrean of Telm: The Call of Agon. In the first book, we see that it ends with the death of the god, Corrias in a frightful war. Many lives were lost in that battle including the young boy, Theos, whose body was shared by God, Corrias. This book begins with the hope that Theos can be resurrected to life and so as the god, Corrias. And hence, Ifferon, Delin and others prepare to plan for the same. Herr'Don, the prince, returned to his kingdom to prove his greatess to his father and finally able to claim the name "Herr'Don, The Great". In the meantime, the ShadowSpirits(supporters of Agon, the evil) went against Ifferon's and Delin's idea of resurrecting their god and so the battle begins, to stop them from bringing Corrias back to life. Ultimately the battle is won, and Corrias, as well as Theos, got a second life and hence the story aptly justifies the title, The Road to Rebirth.
Once again Wilson's way of story telling has left me speechless, it's like I lost myself in the story, I always can able to connect with all the characters, maybe it's because the way the author always represents and unfolds every character in his book. What I always cherish about reading Wilson's books is that his use of metaphors in every pages of the book, for instance, "There is white everywhere before my eyes, yet all I see now is darkness", it makes you think so clearly about the details. And no-doubt Dean F.Wilson is a master story-teller. He has managed to create a whole new world with gods and their races, princes and their kingdoms, their indiffrences among the races, so many legends. So if you like fantasies and a tale of Gods and their races, grab a copy of "The Road to Rebirth" now