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The Legend Continues....

The Road to Rebirth: Book Two of The Children of Telm - Dean F. Wilson

This is the sequeal to the The Childrean of Telm: The Call of Agon. In the first book, we see that it ends with the death of the god, Corrias in a frightful war. Many lives were lost in that battle including the young boy, Theos, whose body was shared by God, Corrias. This book begins with the hope that Theos can be resurrected to life and so as the god, Corrias. And hence, Ifferon, Delin and others prepare to plan for the same. Herr'Don, the prince, returned to his kingdom to prove his greatess to his father and finally able to claim the name "Herr'Don, The Great". In the meantime, the ShadowSpirits(supporters of Agon, the evil) went against Ifferon's and Delin's idea of resurrecting their god and so the battle begins, to stop them from bringing Corrias back to life. Ultimately the battle is won, and Corrias, as well as Theos, got a second life and hence the story aptly justifies the title, The Road to Rebirth.
Once again Wilson's way of story telling has left me speechless, it's like I lost myself in the story, I always can able to connect with all the characters, maybe it's because the way the author always represents and unfolds every character in his book. What I always cherish about reading Wilson's books is that his use of metaphors in every pages of the book, for instance, "There is white everywhere before my eyes, yet all I see now is darkness", it makes you think so clearly about the details. And no-doubt Dean F.Wilson is a master story-teller. He has managed to create a whole new world with gods and their races, princes and their kingdoms, their indiffrences among the races, so many legends. So if you like fantasies and a tale of Gods and their races, grab a copy of "The Road to Rebirth" now