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A Hot Adventure!!

Relentless - HelenKay Dimon

This is the first book of the Corcoran series, that I read. Even though it's my first time to read any Helen Kay Dimon authored book, I loved it with all my heart. I got this book in a Good reads giveaway. Upon receiving the book, I thought that this would be some kind of sizzling boy-saving-girl from bad guys kinda book. But I was proved wrong, although it was a boy-saving-girl kind of book, but the story was super-thrilling!! It totally blew my mind, and this book made me a complete Helen Kay Dimon's fan. now I'm ordering her other books of this series. Every scenes, every details, every adventures, every cold-blooded killings, left me speechless. I never thought this boy-saving-girl type of books can be so much interesting and gripping! Oh wow! not to forget, Ben and Jocelyn's hot brewing chemistry in every pages, which really left me wanting more to happen between this couple!I'm really a big fan of Ben's character, of how he puts his life at risk to save Jocelyn, even though he knew so little about her. His trust, his guts, his heroic skills, and not to forget, his hot looks, everything makes me fall for him. Even Jocelyn wasn't like all those girly characters, she is strong, brave, and of course she can stand up for herself, but it was because of Ben that the whole Corcoran team cocooned her as a protective shield! In a nutshell, this book, will keep you on your edges, and make you want more! Go ahead, get a slice of this hot adventure in your life!!