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Quest to Find Your Inner Self!

Maya In search of Tantric father - Vipin Behari Goyal

Yes, it was truly an amazing and fulfilling journey of an American girl who came to India to search her father who's a Tantric man. In her journey, she figures out that she needs to find herself and her soul to attain enlightenment and completeness. Also it was very very enriching book as it contains so many eye-opening facts about spirituality and mysticism, that one time you'll find yourself losing into its richness. Also this book is thoroughly inspiring and motivational in every possible ways. Also this book tell us how not to run for material happiness, instead to learn to find oneself. Great work is done by the author Vipin Behari Goyal. I've read his previous book too "Tall man, Small Shadow"..which was also as exciting and fulfilling as this new book. In this 21st century this book is a must read for everyone.