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Shadows can make you fall in love.

Tall Man Small Shadow - Vipin Behari Goyal

wow..it is an amazing story..its not actually a series of events..instead feelings of 5 different human beings mentioned..the way the author has mentioned their emotions..actually creates a beautiful love story of 3 different persons..whose lives are entwined in a very beautiful way!!..yes..full of coincidences..being a software engineer..i really loved the character of Salil and his ambitious attitude..and of course who can forget Anupam!!this story will make you pause for a moment and make you wonder that life is indeed very beautiful..yes because through this story the author has taught us that life is very precious and it can be lead in a very beautiful manner by respecting the value of life!! the story is told in a very impressive manner..full of beautiful phrases!!..and the ease and clarity with which the author explains difficult situations and issues of life is really very very impressive!..
Finally recommended to all my friends!!